Help Donate to My Lai

Here is a more than worthy cause for your money or spare change:


Please Help Restore the Mural at My Lai
> During a recent trip back to Vietnam with Brian Willson, Becky Luening and Sandy Kelson ( March 28-April 22, 2016 ), I spent two days at the My Lai Massacre site in Quang Ngai. The very large mosaic-tile mural in the photo ( with Sandy and Brian ), depicts some of the 504 Vietnamese civilians murdered by American soldiers on March 16, 1968, in the last moments of their lives.
> While examining the mural up close, we noticed the artwork had badly deteriorated from years of severe hot and wet weather that causes such damage. I had a private conversation with the co-director of the museum. She had worked at the memorial site for 16 years. I told her I was a Vietnam veteran, and a member of Veterans For Peace, and that millions of Americans who were adamantly against the war, consider the My Lai Massacre site extremely important. I said to her that as far as I was concerned, the My Lai Massacre site is sacred ground, and one of the most important memorials in the world. After I said this, she broke down and cried. It was a very powerful moment for both of us. I felt a deep emotional connection to her, and a loving empathy that was so important in healing my soul.
> When I got back to my home in Portland, Oregon, I corresponded with her via email, and offered to raise the funds needed to restore the mural. She eventually replied that it would cost $4,200 to complete the restoration. Our goal is to raise this money soon so that the mural may be completely repaired by the 50th anniversary of the massacre on March 16, 2018. Some of us plan on returning to Vietnam for this important event. To contribute to this project, please make checks out to VFP Chapter 72, and mail to:
> VFP Chapter 72
> c/o Bob Projansky
> 3036 SE Taylor St.
> Portland, OR. 97214
> Please feel free to forward this information. With sincere appreciation for keeping a profound historical memory alive.
> Mike Hastie
> Army Medic Vietnam
> 509-869-7787

Visit the Vietnam Full Disclosure website at

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