The Kochs are at it Again

The Choice Program is wasting hundreds of millions of dollars a year because private care costs about 30% more than VA healthcare.
Below is a letter from the leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) along with the acting ranking Democratic member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee.
This letter is the strongest Congressional opposition to the VA privatization that we have seen.
These House members have the courage to stand up against the well funded propaganda campaign to privatize VA healthcare.
This week Wednesday the House VA Committee will begin hearings on the Commission on Care recommendations.  President Obama has submitted to Congress his analysis and recommendations on the Care Report.  The Care recommendations contain efforts to push ahead on the privatization of the VA.  The minority report from the Commission on Care was to close VA healthcare by 2035 and move all veterans to private care.
What can you do now to help stop privatization of VA healthcare?
1.  Below is our letter to various groups asking that they share the Congressional Progressive Caucus members’ letter.  Pls. consider forwarding this email your email lists asking them to sign the electronic petition.
2.  The electronic petition we are urging people to sign is at:
3.  We have a paper petition you may circulate in your community.  If you do this pls. send me a scan of the petitions and I will add them to the copy of the petition we provide the addressees.  This petition is attached in Word.  One attachment is the petition and the second is the CPC letter.


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