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Spokane VFP appreciates your help in bringing expert witnesses to testify in support of a necessity defense for the Spokane Climate Defenders, three members of our chapter and three Raging Grannies who stopped fossil fuel trains in August and September.
Tax deductible checks may be written to Spokane Veterans for Peace and mailed to:
Vets for Peace, 35 W. Main, #120 M, Spokane, WA 99201.
Online, use GoFundMe.com and find Spokane Climate Protectors. Alternatively you can use the donate button on this page (upper right hand corner).
Motions will be heard Friday, May 19, 2017. That evening, our experts will meet the public at 7:00 in the lobby of the Community Building to discuss our campaign to protect the air and water and explain their perspectives on our case.
Thanks for all you do to save our planet from war and other manmade disasters. – Spokane Veterans for Peace #035
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