VFP National Convention in Spokane, August 15-18, 2019

Imagine, a PEACE CONVENTION IN SPOKANE! This is a Big Occasion. Please Join Us.
November 30, 2018
The 2019 National Convention of Veterans For Peace will be hosted by VFP Chapter 35 in Spokane, Washington, August 15-18. We have just signed a contract with the Doubletree Hotel, located right next to the Spokane River in downtown Spokane.
This year’s convention will be one day shorter than past conventions, which will make it less expensive for all. The Board meeting will take place on Thursday during the day, and the President’s Reception and Poetry Reading will take place on Thursday evening. There will be one day fewer for plenaries and workshops, as we try out a somewhat different format.
We are also thinking about gearing the plenaries and workshops toward strategizing for effective national campaigns. With input from many members, we hope to come up with bold new plans that will focus our veterans’ voice and attract new members.
The rooms at the Doubletree Hotel are nice and reasonably priced for the VFP Convention ($133 + 12% tax = $148.96). Since the convention will be shorter by one day, this will be even more affordable.
A little about Spokane: it is a beautiful city whose star is rising. It is very popular with tourists. The downtown area is gorgeous, with tons of great restaurants and stores. There is a vibrant and growing progressive community. Everything is centrally located and convenient to the Doubletree Hotel. The Spokane International Airport, five miles from downtown Spokane, is served by five airlines with nonstop service to 13 airports (as of 2016 – probably more now as Spokane is experiencing significant growth).
Spokane VFP Chapter 35 is very active on multiple fronts, from opposing militarism to protecting the environment. Within striking distance of Spokane are active VFP chapters in Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia, Washington, as well as Portland, Oregon, all of whom will be actively helping to plan and build the Spokane convention. We can expect some special guests from nearby Canada as well.
So mark August 15-18 on your calendars. You will want to be part of another great VFP Convention, this time in the beautiful Northwest.
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