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Dear Members and Friends of Spokane Veterans For Peace;

Occasionally our patience, persistence, and perspiration can influence outcomes for the common good. We have such an opportunity now, by hosting the National VFP Convention for 2019, here in Spokane at the Doubletree Hotel, August 15-18. That’s this summer.

We have negotiated low room rates and developed an exciting program, all to attract you and all peace loving people, to attend our convention, call for Peace, and continue our association. Please join us!

Imagine a Peace Convention in Spokane and the awesome effort it takes to create the peace environment with elements of action, celebration, information, entertainment and inspiration. For this occasion we are asking for your help in welcoming delegates from VFP Chapters across the U.S. and our International Chapters in Ireland, UK, Viet Nam, Okinawa, Mexico, & Russia.

We’ll host a Community Gathering featuring local singer Bobby Kirl, poet activist Brittney Chantele, & reggae band, the Planetary Refugees, a Poetry Soiree, 14 Workshops, Plenaries, a Banquet, five Art Galleries, Spokane’s Spectrum Singers, and our Connect-The-Dots Campaign Action Events. We’ll bring children of Agent Orange victims to town. We’ll screen cutting-edge films encouraging resistance to war. We will bring to Spokane guest speakers, including Ruth Aloua from “Oceania Rising!,” prolific writer Danny Sjursen, and outspoken activist Brittany DeBarros’ “Drop The MIC” (Military Industrial Complex) campaign of About Face Veterans Against War.

As a person who cares for Peace, at home and abroad, please send your check to our office:                         Spokane Veterans For Peace #035,          Niche #310,         25 W. Main Avenue,         Spokane, WA 99201

Hosting the 2019 National VFP Convention means welcoming 300 VFP delegates into an atmosphere of caring, sharing our hospitality, and creating an environment where our PEACE work and friendships are encouraged. We are raising $10,000.00 locally to accomplish our goals with energy & enthusiasm. Will you please join our efforts by sending your generous contribution towards our work today? We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Take Good Care For Peace For All,

Rusty Nelson, President                George Taylor, VP            Hollis Higgins. Secretary              Ray Thorne, Treasurer

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