Letters to the Editor on Iran

The following letter by our secretary, Hollis Higgins, was published by the Spokesman-Review. Please consider submitting your own letter to follow up on this theme!

On orders of President Trump, plans by the US military resulted in extrajudicial killing by drone of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, without any attempt to gain approval from our Congress for such an assassination. Apparently the only countries consulted were Israel, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

This reeks of a coup by the Pentagon, apparently gone rogue pursuing its planned agenda for “full spectrum dominance” over all humanity, culminating in murder–a War Crime resulting in Crimes Against Humanity, outlawed by all International Agreements.

This places our lost democracy in focus. We can contact our representatives, now shown to have zero leverage over military actions, or over wealthy corporate funders of weapons manufacturers benefiting from endless conflict — so-called “creative destruction.” This Presidential killing will cause civil strife in the entire Iraq region. With protests already planned in 80 US cities, it could ignite civil war in the U.S. itself.

VFP President, Gerry Condon, calls for immediate response from our members: “… A war between the U.S. and Iran is the last thing the world needs.… We must “get it together” and do all we can to head off this catastrophe.”

I broadly condemn assassination by the Pentagon of any person, and call for leadership from Senators Murray and Cantwell condemning assassinations, mandating deployed troops have their orders countermanded by Congress, stopping endless non-solutions to conflict, and preventing our out-of-control military from annihilating us all.

Further info: www.answercoalition.org or PJALS.org. Our comfort zone has been breached.

Hollis Higgins, Secretary

Spokane VFP#035

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