Join us Earth Day 4/22!

We all are facing a climate catastrophe, an emergency and a crisis. Our affinity with 350 Spokane is reflected in the following letter and announcements of actions, which describe the urgency with which we all must treat our present situation. Please consider participating in as many of these actions as you, and your families, are able. This is not a casual request, as it is imperative we all change our lifestyles immediately in order to adapt and to lessen the climate changes now upon us. VFP is keenly aware of the situation, so that our keynote speaker at our upcoming national convention in Albuquerque August 5-9 will be Dahr Jamail, author of “The End of Ice.” We are aware that the U.S. military is the biggest user of fossil fuels in the world and retains huge responsibility to reduce operations to lessen its impact upon our living environment. But there are actions all of us can and must take locally to do our part to ensure a sustainable planet Earth will be here for our children and generations to come. Please join 350 Spokane to learn and promote our sustainable lifestyles. See you at the Spokane Pavilion at 2 PM on April 22nd!
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