Petition to Protect Washington State Parks from Military Exercises

Imagine you are visiting Gasworks Park in Seattle when suddenly you observe several underwater divers emerge, shed their diving gear revealing tourist attire, and you see them, with all their weapons and recording devices, blend in with the neighborhood; what would you think was happening? Suppose you are visiting the Hoh Rainforest Park on the coast range of Washington when your campsite is flown over by a jet fighter shooting at electronic targets in the Olympic National Forest; what would you think was happening?
In the name of “freedom” and national “security” the U.S. military is targeting its own land and citizenry for practice exercises to train military combatants in civilian community warfare. When a military of any nation turns its focus upon its own citizens, whether for experiments or military exercises, a red flag of warning must be raised.
Please consider the following information sent from our VFP Seattle Chapter as a possible way in which you, as a targeted citizen, may use your right to public speech as a tool to eliminate the need for military activity targeting our own citizens. Without a shot fired, without any incursion of foreign military, the Pentagon has turned our peaceful Pacific Northwest into a war zone. One can only wonder if this is rogue military activity based upon the paranoia of imminent invasion, or if this is a concerted effort to undermine the democratic way of life in our country.
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