Coal Train Resistance in Spokane

Our chapter of Veterans for Peace recognizes the critical importance of the climate crisis as an existential problem for humans and a driver of runaway militarism and resource plundering around the world.

On September 30, 2016, 3 of our members were arrested blockading the railroad tracks where a BNSF oil train, one of many carrying a volatile fossil fuel load daily through our town, waited.

Below, you can find media coverage of this action and the legal battle that followed. Here are partial statements from the three veterans who were arrested that day:

“As a Veteran For Peace Member of Chapter 35 in Spokane, WA, I sit here with my brother veterans today, knowing we’ll be arrested. I am willing to take this stand for the greater good. We must protect our beautiful city and earth, from the few who only seek profit at a great cost to the many. Will you the people of Spokane stand with us? We are sitting on the tracks for all of you.” – Maeve Aeolus, member Veterans For Peace, Chapter 35, nurse, and counselor

“These fossil fuel trains must be stopped by citizens who are concerned that coal and oil extraction companies are putting short term profits ahead of the long term health of the planet that we all live on and are charged to take care of for future generations so that our children and grandchildren to the seventh generations will have air to breath, water to drink and food to eat.  This is what Holy Scripture invites us to and common sense demands that we do all in our power for future generations by acting now before it is too late.”  – George Taylor, member Veterans For Peace, Chapter 35 and visiting pastor, All Saints Lutheran Church

“I am here for you, whoever you are and whatever part you play in corporate rule, social and economic justice and injustice, and the plundering of the earth’s resources. You need me here only as much as you need drinkable water and breathable air; as much as you need sources for energy and shelter that won’t cause earthquakes, exacerbate violent weather, or precipitate war and oppression; as much as you need sustainable infrastructure and wise governance.”- Rusty Nelson, member Veterans For Peace, Chapter 35

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