Spokane Veterans For Peace is Chapter 35 of national Veterans For Peace
35 W. Main Ave, M120
Spokane WA 99201


VETERANS FOR PEACE SPOKANE CHAPTER #35                                                                       C/O NICHE #310 25 W. MAIN AVE. SPOKANE, WA 99201

Meeting 2nd Wednesdays 6:45 P.M.


25 W. Main Avenue, Suite #310

Spokane, WA 99201

PHONE: 509-209-2385



Facebook: Veterans For Peace – Spokane Chapter #35


Veterans For Peace (National Office)
1404 N. Broadway,  St. Louis MO 63102
(314) 725-6005(office)           (314) 227-1981(fax)


We say military spending is killing us. Here’s why:



This site will give you all the figures for all the military, weapons systems and foreign aid expenditures broken down into what is paid by which state, county, city. Spend a bit of time on it.

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  1. This post is eye-opening. I was shocked looking at the graph.

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