Truth in Recruitment

Resource materials for Students, Counselors, Teachers:

Cessation of Recruiting in public schools

APHA policy statement

Changing Recruitement policies in schools conclusions of Militarism paper by Finley

There are indeed many other examples of militarism in school structures

Counter recruiting article

Military Recruiting policies Seattle

Military recruiters model policies 030511

Militarys View of Counter Recruitment

* Teachers if you want peace work for justice

* What every girl should know before you go

* No reset button

* Military recruiters in high schools

* Considerations for counselors

Before serving your country

Invite us to make a presentation at your school. All it takes is your invitation. We do the rest. Let us know you want us by emailing George Taylor, Thanks.

Counter military recruiters are legally allowed the same access to students as military recruiters, according to a 1986 Ninth Circuit Court ruling.
Basically, the Ninth Circuit ruling stated that the question of military service (whether voluntary or compulsory) is a controversial political issue, and if a school establishes a forum for one side to present its views on the issue, it must give opponents equal access to the forum.
Counselors and teachers have worked with counter military recruiters to provide equal access by:
• Placing literature displays in career and counseling centers
• setting up displays at career and college fairs
• placing posters and literature on bulletin boards
• having speakers and printed materials in classrooms
• running ads in student newspapers
• having counter military recruiters/peace activists be present whenever there are military recruiter present.
In order to be sure that military recruiters, college and job recruiters, and peace activists
have equal access to each other, as required by law, schools document and regulate recruiter visits. Some counselors will only allow recruiters at career/job fairs. Some counselors require students to make appointments with all recruiters, others have military recruiters and military counter recruiters sitting at tables outside lunchrooms once a month or once a semester.

The VFP National Office has a page with more information. Check it out.

Another good resource to find out more on this issue is here.

And for your further education, check out this video. “BEFORE YOU ENLIST”


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